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You can now preview images on your own backgrounds before purchasing them.



First you find an image that you like and want to preview.


From the image page, click on the "Preview This Image With A Background" button.


Then you can upload your background image and preview the selected image to your desired size and location.


Imaguana is an image hosting website that allows you to purchase the license of an artist’s image. Imaguana has several advantages over competitors since its strength lies in its easy to use interface, its user focused design for both artists and customers, and its eye pleasing visuals. Some of our competitors websites have been full of unnecessary clutter on their webpages. At Imaguana, a commitment was made to create an extremely simple user interface that anyone will be able to navigate through. We focus on the customer and the artist, with only essential tasks being available at any given time. Our user centered design allows it to stand out above other image hosting sites.Imaguana displays information to either a customer or an artist in a very simple and easy to understand manner. This allows you to browse effortlessly without the uneccessary clutter. Our marketability and brand recognition means that users will continue to return to Imaguana for their image purchasing needs. Imaguana is keen to go to great lengths to create a product that will please anyone whom uses it.


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